Mega Omega 3+6+9

Omega-3 rich fish oil plus omega-6 and -9 dense borage oil equals all the good fatty acids you need in the right ratio. It’s an omega all-rounder.

What? One dose of Mega Omega 3+6+9 dishes up 1 200mg of omega 3 – mostly EPA and DHA. This is more than the recommended daily requirement. It also delivers 220mg of the omega 6s gamma-linoleic acid (GLA) and linoleic acid, and 80mg of omega 9 or oleic acid. This all adds up to the optimal omega ratio for you.

Why? Omegas 3, 6 and 9 are essential for good health (find out exactly how, in our BACKGROUND section). But you need the right ratio to get it right. And most Western diets get this wrong, providing too much omega 6 and too little omega 3. Mega Omega 3+6+9 delivers the perfect balance for better health.

What else? Like all Mega Omega oils, 3+6+9 is molecularly distilled and certified pharmaceutical-grade.

Apple Cider Vinegar


It’s a family drama. Omega 3 is clearly the favourite child, but what about its omega 6 and omega 9 siblings? Basically, it’s all about balance – particularly the omega 3, omega 6 fatty acid balance.

Modern meals are not fair and square. While omega-3 rich foods feature lower down on the modern menu, omega 6s are everywhere...

  • Baked and processed foods
  • Egg yolks, meats and animal products
  • Vegetable and cooking oils like canola, corn, peanut and sunflower oils.

Omega 9 fatty acids are also readily provided by the modern diet. Plus the body is also able to produce a limited amount of omega 9, provided omega 3 and omega 6 are present.

Get glowing

Celebrity devotees swear by Apple Cider Vinegar’s radiance-boosting qualities to soothe sunburn, banish bad hair days, and blitz blemishes and breakouts.
  • Mix one cup Apple Cider Vinegar with one cup water for a shine-boosting hair rinse.
  • Mix with water for a natural deodorizing spray.
  • Mix with water and Epsom salts for a hygienic foot soak.
  • Mix one part Apple Cider Vinegar with two parts water and apply to the face with a cotton pad to balance oily skin.

Make a clean start

Disinfectant properties enable this miracle worker to be used as a household cleaning agent and powerful odour remover.
  • Rinse fruit and vegetables in Apple Cider Vinegar to remove pesticides and other nasties.
  • Mix one part Apple Cider Vinegar with one part water for a safe and effective all-purpose household cleaner.


Most people get an omega-6 overdose. So setting things straight calls for less omega 6 and more omega 3 – particularly the health-promoting long-chain omega 3s, EPA and DHA. That’s why Mega Omega 3+6+9 delivers the right ratio. An optimal omega combo.

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